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Words literally cannot express how much this moment meant to me. Not only did I finally get to meet my idol, but she also gave me her Vevo Certfied Award! I remember when I first started singing in front of people and I was super shy about it… and when I was a freshie in HS my classmates asked me to sing “Don’t Forget” and all the compliments I got changed everything. I started coming out of my shell. Demi helped me not only open up about my passion for singing, but has helped me with a lot of the depressing moments in my life. I have faced some of the same battles as her and during the same time that I stop she did as well. When she came out about things, believe it or not… it helped me feel more comfortable about getting help too. I always felt like she was some long lost sister of mine that I just never met, yet knew about. People would also think that I looked like her and that was even cooler… Who doesn’t want to look like their idol? …anyways… Now I have this award in my room and every time I look at it, I just think about all the possibilities. NEVER give up in what you truly want. Anything is possible! I want to inspire others to ALWAYS follow their hearts and do what makes them happy.

I’d also like to give a HUUUUGE thank you to 1iota and VEVO for listening to my story and picking me to do this. They have given me something that I’ll never ever forget. #dreamsdocometrue